Tales of Neverwinter

The Ballad of Rondar

Meanwhile, at a small jail in a hamlet outside Neverwinter, two prisoners are summoned by the warden. They are informed that two children have been abducted by unknown agents from the village. Scouts sent to find them have not returned, and the warden dare not risk the other few that are left. Turning to Gilderos and Rondar, he tells them that if they seek their freedom, they will return the children safely to the village.

Tracking the abductors to a cavern, they lower themselves down and attempt to take them by surprise. Rondar grabs a torch off the wall to light his way, but in doing so alerts the goblins inside to their presence. In a display of barbaric might and with the honed skill of a gladiator, Rondar swiftly executes several goblins. Gilderos with his sharp wit and thunderous voice demoralized and sonically bombarded them, causing more than one goblin to drop to the ground. After searching the goblins, they found a note from Irontooth, demanding the children be taken to the keep for sacrifice immediately.

Freeing the children and returning to the village they were met as heroes! With word spreading of their deed, an older woman approached them about helping find her missing husband, Douvan Staul. Douvan is something of an amateur historian who decided to finally check out the rumored dragon burial ground outside the town.

After negotiating their price, they accepted and set off. After hacking through the woods they finally found the excavation site, but they were not alone. Seeing a halfling guarding the entrance, they were soon set upon by several unsavory sorts and their guard drakes. After an intense battle, Gilderos and Rondar forced the gnomish leader of the bandits to surrender all of his possessions in exchange for sparing his life.

Douvan, bound and gagged at the bottom of the pit offered them everything he had dug up as thanks. Returning to town they were instructed to go meet the captain of the Neverwinter Guard and report their findings on the goblin abductors.


After meeting up with the guard captain, he informed the party that he required their services elsewhere. He had received reports of guards disappearing from their posts on the edges of the city and asked the party to investigate. An informant told him that the guards were seen leaving their posts at night of their own free will, disappearing into the wilderness beyond the gates of Neverwinter.

The party followed the trail but soon came upon a kobold encampment. After defeating the scouts on the outer perimeter, the party made its way through a waterfall to the Kobold/goblin lair. There they found Irontooth, the leader of this ragtag group. After an arduous battle they defeated him. On his corpse they found a note that read:

“My spy suggests we keep an eye out for visitors in the area. It probably does not matter, in just a few more days I’ll completely open the rift. Then, Neverwinter’s people will serve as food for all those that Lord Asmodeus sends to do my bidding.” The note was signed by “Kalarel”

Midnight Raid
Dealing with Rebel Scum

Screams! Thugs! Death!!!!

It is the middle of the night. The PCs are sound asleep in rooms at the Nodding Knave Inn and Tavern near the docks district of Neverwinter. Very little was remarkable about this tavern, except that it was the cheapest around with open rooms. It was not well kept, and the Innkeeper, Garamonde, a human male about age 45 with salt and pepper hair and a shaggy beard, had an air of defeat about him. The rooms were small, spartan, and contain little more than a hard bed and a trunk at the foot of it. The night is overcast and humid with a faint breeze from the sea, fortunately it did not carry with it the smell of the active fish market that bustles during the day.

The stillness of the night was broken as a woman’s scream echoed from the tap room next door. Moments later, shouts and a clash of steel ring out from the tavern hall below.

As our heroes jumped to their feet to see what was happening a patrol from the watch ran into the room, summoned by the noise or the innkeeper who had run out for help. On the floor lay the body of the ale wench. Around her stood 5 assailants. As the watchmen ran into the room, the leader took a shot with his crossbow, plugging one attacker in the chest and sending him to the floor.

Rejecting a call from the attackers for help, the heroes valiantly took up arms with the watchmen and slew all the attackers, save one, who was whisked away under arrest by the guardsmen. The body of the leader, slain with a calculated and precise blow to the base of the skull by Tordek, was identified as that of Lanros Glimmergaunt. Glimmergaunt, a local merchant who owned a fish market down the street had long been suspected of being a member of the Sons of Alagondar and it is now clear that he ran a pocket of resistance here in the docks district. Why did a respected merchant slay this woman in cold blood? The only thing of note that was taken off the body was a black pin in the shape of an octopus.

The innkeep eventually returned and explained that the woman was an orphan just working here to make ends meet. The watchmen found a pendant around her neck in the shape of a crescent moon with a harp next to it. The Innkeep explained that he had found that in the street and seeing no value in it, gave it to her. The watchmen declare that they are going to go see what they can find on this rebel group, but the heroes offer to go instead, to which the watchman agrees after seeing how they handled themselves in the fight.

The watchmen leave and the innkeeper remains. The heroes noted that he didn’t seem entirely truthful and pressed him after the watchmen left. He finally admitted that he had taken it off the body of Cymril. The leader of the Sons of Alagondar. He had given her up to the city guard in exchange for what he thought would be enough money to fix up his inn. Instead, he got nothing but a thank you for your service to the City of Neverwinter and its Lord Protector, Dagult Neverember. Glimmergaunt and his men had come for him, he explained. The serving girl was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The pendant was then taken by the heroes.

Donning the black octopus pin, the heroes then went to Glimmergaunts homestead just beyond the walls of the docks district in an attempt to learn more about the Sons of Alagondar and who else might be involved.

Arriving at the Glimmergaunt home, they find the main house and a secondary office/guestroom type location. Marl scouts the area, and after seeing nothing alarming picks the lock to the office. Instead he find a series of letters locked in a trunk written by Lanros, but never signed. They contain rantings about Neverember, and how he is turning Neverwinter into his own company, claiming he doesn’t give a damn about the people. Marl pockets these writings and the party proceeds to the main house. After Marl walks around the house looking in the windows he sneaks inside to find Lanros’ wife asleep in their room. He leaves the house and the party knocks on the door to awaken her, pretending to be from another cell.

She challenges them to identify themselves and summarily refuses to let them enter, pretending to know nothing of what is going on. Izzod kicks in the door to find the elven woman pointing an arrow straight at his face. Eventually it comes to blows, and after being lit on fire by Izzod, the woman surrenders. The Party explains why they have come and what they are after, informing her that they had to kill her husband. She says she understands and asks them to leave her with a few GP to heal herself at the temple. As Izzod generously hands over a few coins she whips out her knife and stabs him in an act of vengeance for the death of her husband. She is quickly brought down by the rest of the party.

Finding the key to his shop, they head down to the wharf and loot the place. They find nothing except for his change box and take the contents. The party then heads back to the Glimmergaunt homestead, their new base of operations.

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