Tales of Neverwinter

The Ballad of Rondar

Meanwhile, at a small jail in a hamlet outside Neverwinter, two prisoners are summoned by the warden. They are informed that two children have been abducted by unknown agents from the village. Scouts sent to find them have not returned, and the warden dare not risk the other few that are left. Turning to Gilderos and Rondar, he tells them that if they seek their freedom, they will return the children safely to the village.

Tracking the abductors to a cavern, they lower themselves down and attempt to take them by surprise. Rondar grabs a torch off the wall to light his way, but in doing so alerts the goblins inside to their presence. In a display of barbaric might and with the honed skill of a gladiator, Rondar swiftly executes several goblins. Gilderos with his sharp wit and thunderous voice demoralized and sonically bombarded them, causing more than one goblin to drop to the ground. After searching the goblins, they found a note from Irontooth, demanding the children be taken to the keep for sacrifice immediately.

Freeing the children and returning to the village they were met as heroes! With word spreading of their deed, an older woman approached them about helping find her missing husband, Douvan Staul. Douvan is something of an amateur historian who decided to finally check out the rumored dragon burial ground outside the town.

After negotiating their price, they accepted and set off. After hacking through the woods they finally found the excavation site, but they were not alone. Seeing a halfling guarding the entrance, they were soon set upon by several unsavory sorts and their guard drakes. After an intense battle, Gilderos and Rondar forced the gnomish leader of the bandits to surrender all of his possessions in exchange for sparing his life.

Douvan, bound and gagged at the bottom of the pit offered them everything he had dug up as thanks. Returning to town they were instructed to go meet the captain of the Neverwinter Guard and report their findings on the goblin abductors.


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