Tales of Neverwinter


After meeting up with the guard captain, he informed the party that he required their services elsewhere. He had received reports of guards disappearing from their posts on the edges of the city and asked the party to investigate. An informant told him that the guards were seen leaving their posts at night of their own free will, disappearing into the wilderness beyond the gates of Neverwinter.

The party followed the trail but soon came upon a kobold encampment. After defeating the scouts on the outer perimeter, the party made its way through a waterfall to the Kobold/goblin lair. There they found Irontooth, the leader of this ragtag group. After an arduous battle they defeated him. On his corpse they found a note that read:

“My spy suggests we keep an eye out for visitors in the area. It probably does not matter, in just a few more days I’ll completely open the rift. Then, Neverwinter’s people will serve as food for all those that Lord Asmodeus sends to do my bidding.” The note was signed by “Kalarel”


sirkerrald sirkerrald

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