Tales of Neverwinter

An update of the past year

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So here’s a summary of the past year:

After an encounter with the Neverwinter City Watch, our hapless heroes were conscripted to help solve a mystery about where deserting guards where disappearing to. Following a deserting guard brought them past a village on the outskirts of the city where they were told about some children that had gone missing. Around this time, Gilderos left the party, which happened upon a Dark Elf sorcerer named Pelloth. The mysterious Pelloth joined the group, but what Pelloth’s true goal is is still unknown.

Following a series of clues, the party tracked the children and guards to the ruins of an ancient keep that once held a portal to the Shadowfell. Making their way into the ruins they soon uncovered a cult that was charming and sacrificing the townsfolk and guards to their God. After clearing their way (and fleeing a Gelatinous Cube), they managed to interrupt the high priest as he recited the ritual to open the portal to the Shadowfell. His concentration broke at a critical moment causing the portal to open to an unknown dimension. He finally fled through the portal into the clutches of a tentacled creature as the party closed the portal.

With the Keep secured, the party forced a group of Golbins that had inhabited the upper level to clean it out and claimed it for their home base. After reporting to the town leader and the Captain of the Guard, they sought out the Temple of Virtues in order to find the runes that held the key to reactivating the portal for their own use (all portals have been unusable since the Spell Plague). After working their way through they secured the necessary runes and objects to gain control of the portals and the network of portals.

In the midst of their search for the runes, a party from Chult arrived and declared that Marl was to be their prisoner for having stolen a giant diamond from their employer. The party managed to fight back the pursuers, but one escaped vowing that his employer would hunt them to the ends of Faerun and across the Astral Plane if necessary.

Upon returning to Neverwinter, they were approached by a cloaked Gnome who asked them to travel to Luskan, to the fallen Host Tower of the Arcane Brotherhood to retrieve a book that holds the key to Neverwinter’s survival and return it to him. His anti-Neverember sentiments made the party uneasy, and so they ventured into the heart of the city where they found the guard rushing to the Lord Protector’s estate.

It turned out that a group of the Son’s of Alagondar had taken the mansion and Lord Protector Neverember was hold up in a secret room. After dispatching the rebels, the Lord Protector ordered them to Luskan to retrieve an object from the Host Tower that would ensure the safety of Neverwinter and put an end to this insurrection once and for all.

The party reprovisioned and made haste to the portal which took them into the hive of scum and villainy known as Luskan, Neverwinter’s enemy to the north. Since the fall of the Arcane Brotherhood, the Pirate Captains have seized control of the city for themselves and now fight amongst each other. Making their way across the city, they were taken captive by a Lieutenant of Captain Taerl.

Brought before Taerl, they explained their mission. Taerl laughed as they spoke and explained that he didn’t care what they wanted so long as they helped him gain control of the city. Giving them badges that showed their employer to be rival Captain Rethnor, Taerl sent them into the city to win back his mansion from another of his rivals, Captain Suljack – promising them an artifact that would allow them into the Host Tower in exchange.

After a skirmish on the outskirts of the Captains Court, they worked their way underground into the sewers and stealthily entered Taerl’s former keep. After clearing the sub-level, they worked their way up onto the main floor where they discovered Suljack was hosting a grand party. After examining their options they decided they would coat the food with a poison made from the venom of an Ettercap gland that Marl had acquired in the streets of Neverwinter. They then moved back into the basement while they waited for the servants to deliver the main course…

And this is where we have left the last session.


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